Herbs you can touch

They taste good in salads, they can be used in pesto, they can refine salt or they can be used as a medicine. Native wild herbs have an incredible number of uses. Petra uhl and sabine blab know quite a few of them.

Herb hike through sommerach: past a few houses in the direction of vineyards. Everywhere the two women from mainsondheim and sommerach, respectively, find plants worth showing and explaining. "Bird’s chickweed helps with stomach and intestinal problems," says petra uhl, holding a few inconspicuous green bushes aloft. In pesto or in homemade herb salt it unfolds its flavors particularly well. "But be careful," uhl warns the 40 or so local women farmers who met in sommerach on tuesday for the spring meeting. "Take only the upper part. Further down it becomes musty."

The two herb experts, who completed their training 14 years ago, give vivid and lively accounts of native plants and their active ingredients.

Her advice to the hike’s participants: be mindful and alert when walking through nature, and only pick as many herbs as you can actually use. "Plants are animate beings," says petra uhl. "You should look at them, pay attention to them and thank them when you have picked them."A doctor could not be replaced by local herbs. But they always have a preventive effect. For all possible ailments. Self-components of the birch. Shortly after sprouting in the spring, small leaves of birch can leaven a salad. "And birch leaf tea is a gentle, kidney-friendly way of draining water retention," explains sabine blab.

If you are allergic to pollen, you can use the effect of the nettle. "But if you have a weak heart or kidneys, you should only drink a small cup a day," warns petra uhl. As she speaks, sabine blab has already discovered another effective plant by the wayside. A few goose flowers are there. "If they’re open, the weather stays that way all day," she explains. "The same applies to the lowen tooth."

The leaves and bleeds of both plants are edible, lowen tooth for example has many vitamins (A, B, C) and helps to cleanse the blood, but is also helpful for liver and gallbladder problems. Even the style can be eaten, assures petra uhl. Especially if you have problems with the gall bladder or liver. "But a maximum of three a day."And only if the body signals that it can tolerate the unusual food.

The miracle of the goose flowers

Goose flowers have a completely different effect in tea or water. "They calm the nerves," explains sabine blab, adding with a wink. "At a child’s birthday party, a drink with the addition of gooseflower can work wonders. The little ones become softer."Even as a cough syrup can be used goose flowers. Boil up the syrup and eat it in small quantities, petra uhl advises. The effect of goose flowers has been known for centuries – and has a surprising history: women used to rub themselves with their juice to protect themselves from overly pushy men.

The hike continues and already the view falls on a few small, blue-flowered plants – speedwell. "Helps with skin itching," assures sabine blab. The garlic rue, on the other hand, has an antibacterial effect and does not taste as strong as the garlic you can buy in the supermarkets. It is nevertheless immune-boosting and contains a lot of vitamin C.

Often the names of the plants already give a clue to their effect. Women’s mantle" can help pregnant women, for example. Drink a cup of tea with the essence of women’s mantle in the last four weeks of pregnancy and the birth will be easier. "The mother giving birth will be strengthened, women will be able to give birth better", explains sabine blab. Anyone who has to deal with a scar after an operation should apply an ointment with violets that have been soaked in olivenol for four weeks. Violets can also help with headaches and refresh the memory.

The hike on the outskirts of sommerach took about an hour and a half. The local farmers picked up dozens of hints and tips along the way – and also implemented another tip from the two herb experts. "We should spend a lot more time in nature," advises sabine blab in conclusion. If you only sit in front of the TV or computer, you become dependent on technology – and there’s still no weed against it.

The spring meeting of the local women farmers took place on tuesday, 10. April, held in the summer. In addition to an outlook and review by district farmer annette vom berg-erbar, BBV managing director rudolf bender taught about possible pitfalls when living together in a partnership. His advice: talk about the possibility of falling in love before getting married.

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