Thomas muller: with spare goal memories in prague

Thomas muller: with spare goal memories in prague

Thomas muller has received plenty of encouragement and praise from the national team in the days leading up to prague. Now the world champion in the czech capital wants to do something new.

The 27-year-old has fond memories of moldova: he scored two goals in the 3-0 first leg eleven months ago.

"He’s there for 90 minutes, never gives up, drives," said team manager oliver bierhoff about muller, whose name has been mentioned an inflationary number of times in preparation for the first international match of the world cup season. The reason lies not in the internal climate of the DFB team, but in the once again hotly debated inner life of his employer, FC bayern munchen.

"I don’t know exactly what qualities the trainer wants to see. But mine don’t seem to be one hundred percent in demand," muller had spontaneously quipped after the munich team’s most recent 2-0 win in the bundesliga at werder bremen. One sentence was enough for a rough national public questioning: how do FC bayern and especially coach carlo ancelotti deal with the fan favorite?? Bierhoff publicly reminded the bavarians that muller is "simply an identification figure of the club". And actually the bavarians always had to give him a permanent place in the starting eleven.

That’s how it’s been low for years in the national team. Muller is one of the perennial favorites there. And the 27-year-old regularly repays that trust. In the current world cup qualifying campaign, the 85-time national player has played in five of the six matches and has scored five times as the most successful german goalkeeper. With 37 goals – ten of them in the 2010 and 2014 world cup finals – he is now in the national jersey. Muller will be able to compete at the eden stadium in prague on friday (20.45 o’clock) with another goal ex-capitan bierhoff from the top ten of the best german goal scorers at all.

The ambitious muller is fired up after a personally weak european championship 2016 without any goals and a bayern season that did not make him happy either. "I’m convinced he’ll make it at bayern, there’s no question about it," said bierhoff. And low noted: "he has now once not played from the beginning, okay. But with us he has always shown his performance. He has always scored many goals." And muller is always an invigorating factor, even off the pitch.

The paws of its players. "His gemutslage is inherently positive. He’s a funny bird, always has something to say," said national team shooting star and bayern colleague joshua kimmich. This also applies when muller is not playing. "It is extremely positive for bavaria. There are players who behave very differently," kimmich remarked meaningfully.

Muller is a team player. He has long suppressed his frustration when the italian ancelotti once again benched him last season. After a good preparation for the season, he was particularly disappointed in bremen when thiago, who had just returned from illness, was given priority. The topic muller will continue to be discussed heib. Because the new bayern colombian james rodriguez, recently still injured, is ancelotti’s dream player. And james prefers to play in muller’s territory, central offensive behind goaljager robert lewandowski.

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