Brussel threatens hungary with heavy protection

Brussel threatens hungary with heavy protection

These were not the first proceedings. "Very concerned" she expressed about the independence of the judiciary, the restriction of election advertising in the media and the provision to involve citizens in the payment of EU subsidies against the state.

So the people were punished twice. Firstly, due to violations of EU law by their country, and secondly, they had to pay for it as well.

Reding also brought into play the sharpest weapon the union can use against undemocratic tendencies: the "nuclear bomb" of article seven of the eu treaty, which can be used to deprive a state of its right to vote if necessary ? Which would be tantamount to a de facto exclusion.

The liberals in parliament were immediately in favor of it. Hungary is clearly violating fundamental principles of the EU, said its group chairman guy verhofstadt. The commission should initiate such a procedure. "And if the commission does not do it, then we in parliament should have the courage to initiate proceedings".

In fact, the people’s representation can do this, as well as the EU commission or a third of the member states.

Reding, however, urged caution. You have to think very carefully before you apply this article, she said. Reding spoke out for a faster response to undemocratic developments. She announced a decision for june, when a report on hungary will be available.

Since right-wing conservative orban took office in 2010, the eu commission has already initiated repeated infringement proceedings, once against the forced retirement of judges over 62 years of age, as well as against the transfer of supervision of the data protection commissioner from parliament to the government. Now the commission wants to know if the hungarian government has reinstated the judges.

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