Bad tuv certificate for german playgrounds

Bad tuv certificate for german playgrounds

This was announced by the tuv rheinland on thursday in koln. For example, in several places, the flooring on playground equipment – such as sand in front of a slide or rubber mats under climbing gear – was nearly used up, so that children could injure themselves on impact, a spokesman explained.

Several times, the scouts also found so-called traps – dangerous narrow places where children could get stuck with their heads, arms or fingers. An example of this is climbing towers, where the distance between the beams is so narrow that the small body fits through, but not the head.

"Most of these deficiencies could be remedied easily and inexpensively," said the tuv spokesman. "It’s often not a question of money, but of recognition."That’s why it’s important for municipalities to provide adequate training for the staff who are supposed to look after playgrounds. 50 randomly selected playgrounds in ten major cities were tested.

However, the third playground test conducted by tuv-rheinland has also shown that the municipalities are very active and concerned about this issue, the spokesman emphasized. This time, the inspectors did not find any serious defects such as rusty metal frames or rotten wooden frames that could collapse at any moment.

It is also not the case that the playgrounds in certain cities were particularly problematic and in others impeccable. "The distribution is relatively even," said the spokesman. "We have passed on the results of the tests to the municipalities concerned and have met with a positive response everywhere."

Playgrounds were tested in aachen, berlin, dresden, dusseldorf, frankfurt/main, hamburg, koln, leipzig, munich and stuttgart. The tuv does not want to publish the individual results and exactly which playgrounds are involved, because it is not a question of pillorying individual municipalities.

The tuv has now joined forces with the german children’s aid organization and a beach chair manufacturer to set up a playground initiative. She wants to demand the renovation of playgrounds. Playground operators can apply to the german children’s fund for financial support. The manufacturer plans to donate up to 100 000 euros. A model playground is also to be built.

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