Two youth teams of the fch are happy

Two youth teams of the fch are happy

Owner marcus schacher and his employee steffen moroskow now came to the FC home to bring the campaign to a close. In the pre-christmas period, a raffle was held, with prizes worth around 2000 euros being drawn. After making a donation, customers were allowed to take home one of the prizes. Marcus schacher and his team decided to donate the money to one of herzogenaurach’s sports clubs. For this purpose, twelve sports clubs were contacted and invited to participate on the facebook page of the haarstube. Four clubs took part in this rally and could be chosen by their fans and the barbershop customers.

The 1. FCH won this rally with the most "likes"." Youth director sebastian gunnel agreed with the coaches of the youth teams that the donation of 740 euros should benefit two youth teams and be divided between the coarse and small field.

"We are pleased that someone is interested in the needs of the youth teams, because there are a lot of wishes," said, said klaus bauer of the 1.FC herzogenaurach, when he thanked marcus schacher.
Paul finally drew the two winners, namely the E1 youth and the C1 youth, under the supervision of the two coaches for rough and small field, sebastian gunnel and frank rosner. In advance there were two puma bags and the two youth teams were now allowed a "wish list" write. Marcus schacher from haarstube will go on a shopping spree at puma and fill the bags.

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