Discount on eeg levy: more electricity volumes applied for

discount on eeg levy: more electricity volumes applied for

Companies with large electricity needs have applied for a discount on the cost of electricity levy for the coming year for significantly more electricity volumes. This is the result of the answer of the federal ministry of economics to a question of the green parliamentary group in the bundestag, which is available to the dpa.

Accordingly, by the reporting date of 30. June a total of 2209 companies applied for a partial exemption from the EEG levy. The amount of electricity requested was 119 terawatt hours. 2017, this figure was 107.4 terawatt hours at the comparable reporting date, with applications from 2252 companies.

Experience has shown, however, that there could still be major changes as a result of the examination in the course of the administrative procedure, according to the ministry. Moreover, the result is that it is not the amount of electricity applied for that is granted, but the amount of electricity actually consumed by the beneficiary companies in the year in question – in this case 2019.

For 2018, almost 2000 companies in germany will receive a rebate on the eco-electricity levy. The amount of electricity requested was 114 terawatt hours, just above the level of previous years.

The green member of the bundestag, julia verlinden, spokeswoman for energy policy, said that industry is requesting exemption from the EEG surcharge for ever larger quantities of electricity. "In 2019, industrial exemptions are to apply to around one-fifth of total german electricity consumption. The bill is paid by private consumers, small businesses and trade, who finance this economic subsidy to the tune of billions with their electricity bills."

The federal government must limit the number of companies eligible, verlinden demanded. "In addition, the companies that have been given preferential treatment must be held accountable for actually implementing energy efficiency measures and reducing their electricity consumption."The federal government must also ensure that the remaining costs of the levy exemption are not passed on to other electricity customers.

The EEG levy finances the eco-electricity demand for the operators of solar, wind, hydropower or biogas plants. All electricity customers have to pay them, but there are discounts for certain industries and businesses.

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