Refugee accommodation may remain for a long time

Refugee accommodation may remain for a long time

Information changes daily, but a concrete statement is apparently not yet available. At least that was the case until the meeting of the district committee on friday. This is what district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU) said about the initial reception facility for refugees in the herzogenaurach vocational school gymnasium. It is therefore uncertain whether the most recent district council resolution on the subject can be upheld. This was that the emergency shelter could only be used until the 15th of the year. Marz, as originally planned, because the school needs the hall again.

Two days later, according to tritthart, the government president called him. "It's not a good sign when your number shows up on the display", said the head of the district. This usually does not mean anything good. This time it was announced that the winter emergency plan would apply in the district in the future. This in turn means that the counties and municipalities have to create new offers for accommodation. Tritthart now wants to find out to what extent this also applies to erlangen-hochstadt. And to clarify whether there is still a need for the initial reception facility. Until yesterday there was no statement.

In any case, it has not yet been clarified whether the accommodation in the sports hall of the vocational school will actually be available on 15 september. Marz can be resolved. The contracts end on this day, also for the security service and the supervision.

The fact is that the facility at the vocational school is functioning quite well. Why should they then be closed and 150 places created elsewhere?? That can hardly be conveyed. Tritthart signaled accommodation. "When the need is so great, we are ready."

The containers arrive
Herzogenaurach's mayor german hacker (SPD) described this unclear situation as not good. The facility is functioning, but it is also expensive. One has to think about whether there were other perspectives. At least the district administrator was able to confirm in response to hacker's question that if the winter emergency plan came into effect, the district would reimburse the economic costs, including security services.

Tritthart promised that containers for asylum seekers would now be rented. These are then to be set up in buckenhof and in herzogenaurach. There, the city has created space in the eichelmuhlgasse through the demolition of the former tafel building.

Manfred bachmayer (grune) suggested erecting wooden houses in a stander construction instead of containers. These could still be used afterwards, for example as cheap housing. However, this would again raise questions about the accounting, if a municipality then uses it later, said the district administrator. And they had already seen offers that were anything but favorable. Another problem is the fact that the district has been offered land with a maximum duration of five years. But there will be no house on it. In the next mayor's meeting, he would like to appeal to make space available in the long term as well.

The meeting also revealed a certain helplessness in which the authorities see themselves in the face of the daily changing figures. At the moment it is the influx from kosovo, which is hardly to be grasped and complicates the actual work. According to tritthart, some people are already talking about a migration of people. "We do not solve such problems", said the green bachmayer. And walter nussel, also a member of the state parliament for the CSU, called for increasing the pressure on berlin to make kosovo a safe country.

Problem of misplaced tenants
Another problem, according to district administrator tritthart, are the so-called absentees, who are not counted in the statistics and who block the facilities.

The district administrator warned that some people have not yet realized "how tense the situation already is and will become." At the moment we still have a positive mood and welcome structure. "But this is sometime also in danger."

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