Peggy case: application for reopening is ready

peggy case: application for reopening is ready

Gudrun rodel, spokeswoman for the "justice for ulvi" initiative, believes there was a miscarriage of justice in the verdict handed down by the regional court in hofen in 2004. New evidence has proven this. The munchberger now said ulvi's public defender, frankfurt attorney michael euler, has completed the motion for rehearing. This application will be submitted to the bayreuth district court by the end of the month.

There, the judges must then examine whether the application contains possible new evidence, which in turn paves the way for a new main hearing. In 2005, the federal court of justice had overturned the verdict of guilt of the regional court of hof against ulvi K. Confirmed.

Euler has been sifting through witness statements and expert reports for more than two years. His verdict on the investigative work of the police and the public prosecutor's office is scathing: "clearly, an innocent man is sitting here for an act that he could not have committed." Material exculpatory witnesses for ulvi K., those who claim to have seen peggy alive after the alleged time of the crime were not heard from. Just one of the glitches euler lists. And in addition: there is no body.

Tachograph disproves determined course of events
Euler has allegedly come up with new facts, such as the analysis of the tachograph of the school bus on which peggy was killed on day 7. May came home from school. This evaluation proves: the crime could not have taken place at all in the temporal sequence alone, as stated in the verdict.

Ulvi K. Shall, according to the court's opinion on 7. May 2001, the nine-year-old peggy in the lichtenberger castle garden and strangled to cover up a sexual assault against the girl a few days earlier. Ulvi had also made a confession at the beginning, but later revoked it. A report by a berlin psychologist had given the mentally retarded ulvi K. On the other hand, he is certified to be credible in his testimony about the crime.

As far as credibility is concerned, lawyer euler comes to a different conclusion: "I have talked to ulvi several times. And I have read the files. Ulvi was a good liar back then. He always brought up a different variant, for example when it was a question of who had helped him take away the body. Sometimes it was a neighbor, then a friend, then the father – after the previous accusations had been disproved in each case." The lawyer is convinced: his "simple-minded" client is a good liar the client admitted everything that was said to him "if the question was only suggestive enough".

It also seems strange to the frankfurter how residents of the 1300-strong community of lichtenberg first claimed to have seen peggy in the afternoon and evening. And strangely, during the police questioning, some later distanced themselves from their original statements and no longer wanted to have anything to do with the officers. Euler: "they have been smoked in, after it was seen that many exculpatory witnesses were not believed. Later on, one is afraid of being portrayed as a liar, even if the statement is true."

Euler was happy to call these people to the witness stand. Ulvi's father. "The innkeeper had been able to exonerate his son. But the lawyers of ulvi advised him to make use of the right to refuse to testify. Why also always. The testimony proved that ulvi was a liar – but also that he was not a murderer."

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