Laumann (cdu): do not leave rental prices to the market

Laumann (cdu): do not leave rental prices to the market

"It can’t be that there are conurbations in germany where people, if they have families, can no longer afford housing," the head of the CDU parliamentary group in north rhine-westphalia told the deutsche presse-agentur (dpa) in berlin.

Every metropolis needs nurses and craftsmen. These normal wage earners also had to have the option of living where they work. "This must be regulated. You can’t say it’s just the market that’s doing it now," said laumann, who is also the national chairman of the christian democratic employees’ association (CDA).

German chancellor angela merkel (CDU) had recently – like the SPD long before – introduced a rent brake into the election campaign debate. CDU and CSU are the last of all parties to adopt their election programs on 23 march. And 24. June.

When asked how the CDU leadership would respond to its disgruntled economic wing, laumann replied: "the beauty of a people’s party is that people with different experiences come together and shape policy together. This protects a people’s party from clientelism."

The bundesrat, the upper house of parliament, has already passed a bill with a red-red-green majority to tighten regulations against excessive rent increases. The bundestag must now deal with this.

Regarding the tax advantages considered in the party through family splitting instead of spousal splitting, laumann said: "this debate has also been put into perspective very strongly in my party. From our point of view, spousal splitting is fine." 90 percent of those who benefit from spousal splitting had children. "I am very much in favor that there is a demand instrument that works beyond the day when the children are no longer on the tax card of the parents. "Because the financial situation of parents is always worse than that of comparably earning childless people.

That’s why the CDU also wants to improve the family portion of tax law – for example, by raising the tax-free allowance for children to the level of adults. But this was also accompanied by an increase in child benefits for those who had nothing to gain from higher tax allowances. "And then it becomes a financial challenge."

In the opinion of the CDU politician, there has not been a person who embodies a "protective power of the little people" since norbert blum’s time as CDU federal minister of labor. Today, the best protection for the little people is the employment of 41 million people in germany – and the CDA.

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