No complaints in unterlauter

The citizens of unter- und tiefenlauter and neukirchen must be very satisfied with the work of the municipal administration. So at the very well-attended meeting in unterlauter, a novelty occurred. To the surprise of many, there was not a single word of protest. "This has never happened before" was heard in the cultural hall of the TSV unterlauter.

At the meeting in tiefenlauter, people complained that they often drove too fast in muhlenstrabe in neukirchen. One farmer from tremersdorf in particular was said to be "quite forceful" driving through the streets. Mayor sebastian stra ubel agreed to install a speed limit sign there. In general, however, according to straubel, driving in lautertal is very disciplined. "Measurements at four different places with the laser gun did not show a single speeding violation", he emphasized. Dog waste is an ongoing issue, which was addressed by helmut durst. According to stra ubel, the parish is in contact with the city of coburg to find out whether bub money has led to success there. Last year, the municipality distributed over 100,000 dog waste bags. For straubel, it is therefore incomprehensible why there are dog owners who still behave ignorantly.

In response to a question from ralf scheler, managing director hans frieb was able to point out that it is certainly possible to draw water for drinking from a tap and not pay any wastewater fees for this purpose. "The condition is that a calibrated water meter is installed", said frieb. Bernd flurschutz wished that the opnv could also be used to travel to coburg on sunday mornings when special events are taking place there.

Mayor straubel used the two meetings to explain to those present what investments have been made and are still planned in lautertal. So at its next meeting, the municipal council will set priorities for the rehabilitation of various local roads. First calculations showed a volume of more than 600,000 euros. Not all mabnahmen can be implemented in the coming year. "The budget certainly doesn't allow it", the mayor emphasized. 

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