Munnerstadt: cult tourism is finally history

Munnerstadt: cult tourism is finally history

Mayor michael kastl (CSU) put it in a nutshell at the youngest city council meeting: "even if the municipal enterprise has been wound up in our heads, it is not yet a reality." A few minutes later that was it though. Almost three years after "cultural tourism in the castle the new mayor, together with the new city council, has now also legally cleared up the old burden from the last election period. "What makes my heart skip a beat", said michael kastl. "The new staff has been there for a long time and is doing a very good job", he emphasized. "I thank you for the solution."

The previous city council had decided to close the municipal enterprise (KU) as of 31 december 2009. December 2017 and henceforth to integrate its previous tasks – culture, tourism, henneberg museum and volkshochschule – directly into the city administration. The city marketing department was added. The adult education center was integrated into the burgerservice, with kilian during the town council hired a creative force for town marketing and tourism, with dr. Nicolas zenzen a cultural manager and director of the henneberg museum.

What was not successful, however, was the legal dissolution of the municipal enterprise. There were several reasons for this. Among other things, there was no longer a board of directors of the municipal enterprise that had to sign the last annual reports. There were more such inconsistencies, which were ultimately an expression of the disagreements in the last election period.

Now the new committee has dealt with it. It is particularly difficult for new city council members to make a decision, said michael kastl. The members of the main and finance committee had previously dealt intensively with the issue in an informal meeting and made a recommendation for a resolution, which was now presented to the city council members in a slightly different form. Four decisions had to be made.

There was talk of "grave grievances the speech, which the bavarian municipal audit association had found during the audit of the city of munnerstadt’s finances for the years 2014 to 2016. In a unanimous resolution, the city council now took note of this and agreed with the critical assessment of the bavarian municipal auditing association.

The second resolution was also unanimous: the bavarian municipal audit association will be asked to carry out an audit for the 2017 financial year of the municipal enterprise as part of the supra-local audit for the years 2017 to 2019 of the municipal budget.

The third resolution: "the members of the board of directors of the former municipal enterprise ‘kultourismus im schloss – das kommunalunternehmen der stadt munnerstadt’ appointed by the city council of the city of munnerstadt are released from any liability." Adrian bier (die PARTEI) voted against it.

Important in this resolution is the wording: "the members of the board of directors appointed by the city council of munnerstadt". The former mayor of munnerstadt, helmut blank (CSU) was not a member appointed by the city council, but by virtue of his office. This means that the exemption from any liability for him does not apply. Adrian bier did not know this, because he is a member of the city council of the PARTEI and therefore not a member of the main and finance committee, where the issue was discussed. As he confirmed to our newspaper, he voted against the proposed resolution so as not to exonerate the former mayor.

The fourth and most important decision was again unanimous: the adoption of the repeal statute. From 1. January 2021 the KU is also legally finally history. "I am glad that we have found a compromise", said the new mayor. This path was coordinated with the bavarian municipal auditing association and the legal supervisory authority in the district administration office. Alternatively, the city could have had everything audited again and then appointed a liquidator. "It cost a lot of money and time", michael kastl told this newspaper.

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