Martern saved from decay

Martern saved from decay

For some time, two martyrs in the vicinity of wolfsdorf – located directly on the pilgrims’ path – formed a pitiful image. At the one, at the idyllic "five lime trees" below vierzehnheiligen, there was only the base, from which a rusty iron rod protruded.
The rest of the marter was dismantled and stored by the city of bad staffelstein because of danger of collapse.

Destroyed by a lightning strike

The second martyrdom, which is located between the aussiedlerhof and wolfsdorf, was struck by lightning and destroyed.
Thanks to the two wolfsdorfers gunter fischer and gerhard horn as well as the sponsors, the two martens are now shining again in new splendor. Gunter fischer "rattled" companies and institutions in order to win them as donors. 4800 euro were collected. The actual cost for the restoration of the two martens was 6945 euros. The rest of 2145 euro was paid by the clubs of wolfsdorf.
The marter destroyed by the lightning strike was for gerhard horn anstob to bring the stone in the truest sense of the word into the roll. He collected more than 60 individual parts of the head of the martyr and brought them to the restorer. In addition, he asked what had been done with the dismantled stone pillar at the "five lime trees" has become.

Like a 3-D puzzle

Like a 3-D puzzle, restorer clemens muth from unterneuses reassembled the head of the mausoleum to create a print of it. A sandstone-like casting was made of it and put on the existing saule. The advantage of this method is that the head consists of one unit and can no longer be damaged so easily by penetrating water and frost.
Due to a recess on the saule, the assumption was obvious that there was once a cross there. After consultation with the preservation of historical monuments, the head was rebuilt with a cross.
The torture at the "five linden trees consisted of rough individual parts and was also professionally restored in the workshop of clemens muth. However, the pictures in the marter were missing here. Since it was no longer possible to find out which motifs once adorned the wayside shrine, the motifs of fire, water, earth, moon and sun were agreed upon in consultation with father heribert arens. The four pictures were painted by clemens muth on zinc boards in ol. The head of the monument is now also adorned with a bronze inscription "praise be to you my lord".
Now the two marters could be put under god’s blessing. The chairwoman of the flower and garden friends, uschi bornschlegel, also buried mayor jurgen kohmann, sponsors as well as many wolfsdorf citizens for this purpose. Clemens muth thanked for the order and the "fruitful collaboration and gave still explanations to the pictures.
Father heribert from vierzehnheiligen celebrated the blessing ceremony. The choir of men from wolfsdorf accompanied the service musically with the support of father stanislaus wentowski. In the connection still beranke as well as cake were served.

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