A “digital leap forward”

A 'digital leap forward

After the whitsun vacations, all classes at the primary and secondary school in strullendorf will be back in session. But that does not mean that we can return to “normal operation” can think. For then the combined prasenz and home lessons are to begin.

For principal barbara baur-huther and principal andrea auring, there are still numerous organizational measures to be planned and implemented before then. To be implemented. Since the first day after the easter vacations, the entire school day has had to be restructured and reorganized in response to the corona pandemic. On the one hand, it was necessary to meet state requirements and, at the same time, to satisfy the wishes of some parents for “digital material only, if possible”, be brought into line with those of other parents who would like to see more analogous tasks and homework. In spite of all efforts and many telephone conversations, not all children or teachers were able to attend. Parents are reached in this time. Schoolchildren from complicated family backgrounds are “easier and easier to get off the radar”, especially in this unusual situation.

Self-produced videos

The college has a “digital leap” barbara baur-huther explained at an on-site meeting, “and every colleague can now hold video conferences, the company now produces its own learning videos and provides so-called padlets for all grades. Here, students can find further assignments for the core subjects, exercises, but also learning videos, creative ideas or suggestions for sports activities. This platform is updated regularly. The schools have received a link with which they can dial in.

The school management undoubtedly also sees an opportunity in the crisis. This is a big step forward in digitalization and the small classes were also a good alternative after corona.

The entrances and exits in the strullendorf school building are currently assigned to different classes and function rooms have been converted into classrooms in order to comply with the distance regulations and to maintain the protection against infection. For this reason, various break times were introduced and corridors and staircases were provided with one-way traffic regulations, or. Compartmentalized.

In the corridors, everyone wears a mouth-nose protection and in the elementary school area, the hands of the children are disinfected by the head of the class before the start of the lessons. Janitor roland weinkamm has also "developed" a so-called corona protection table. So now there is a school bench in every classroom on which a one-meter-by-one-meter plexiglass sheet is attached with the help of tension belts, cable ties, wooden trestles and wooden boards. Students can bring their worksheets to the teacher, which are then moved under the plexiglass pane and can, for example, be corrected and returned immediately. All this is done without violating the rules of distance.

The corona pandemic has completely changed school life in strullendorf. The guiding principles of school development, such as working together, helping each other and individualized work, must now be "kept at arm’s length"!" And "stay in your seat" soft.

Changes to the curriculum

The curriculum has already been slimmed down and sports, music, handicrafts, art and cooking cannot take place or can only take place under certain rules. Only under certain rules. The graduation ceremony for the 9. Class had to be cancelled this year, no projects can take place and the school’s own research lab remains closed. The circus project has already been cancelled. The school cafe is to continue after the whitsun vacations. However, not as originally planned, by schoolchildren for schoolchildren, but organization and sale will be carried out by an adult for the foreseeable future.

For markus metzner, the chairman of the parents’ council and himself the father of two school-age daughters, the corona era brought many "new challenges" with itself. Meetings could only take place digitally and a parents’ regulars’ table was also offered in this way. The parents’ council gave tips on video conferencing, learning software and learning platforms, and reassured concerned parents about their lack of experience with digitalization and "home-schooling were concerned. Many parents praised the good accessibility of the class teachers, their detailed information and the quick help with problems and open questions.

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