Looking for new talent

The musikfreunde eltingshausen are looking for new members. They were founded in 1982, on the initiative of the eltingshausen association under its then chairman alois brunner. Since that time sabine werner led the loose union of musicians until today.
In the beginning, the band had to rely on musicians from the surrounding villages, but in the nineties, the band was able to recruit many young musicians through its own training. In 1995, 25 musicians were active, and a french costume could be purchased. All ceremonial occasions in the community were accompanied by music.
But for various reasons, the number of musicians continued to decline, which is why in recent times only the church events could be organized by the remaining musicians. But now even this is questionable for the future.
That is why sabine werner has chosen the 26. September again invited all former musicians in the firehouse to see if at least the rough church dates can be framed with music. There are about five events per year. Of course, newcomers and new musicians are also welcome to join the fire department at 7 p.M. With their instruments.

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